SABO Deadlift Shoes Review

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If you’ve been following the blog, then you know that I’m chasing some deadlift records – if you’re new, now you know! Until recently, I pulled sumo barefoot. Once I decided to compete, I realized I would need some actual shoes. I started off with a flat pair of converse which were alright, but last month I decided to invest in the SABO Deadlift shoes.

Support // Stability

The ankle support is unparalleled. I’ve never worn a shoe so form fitting. The shoe has a tightening velcro strap around the top that I thought wouldn’t make a significant difference. I was wrong. The top strap actually makes the shoe hug the entire ankle.

Also, the sole is extremely close to the ground and the material doesn’t compress under loads which makes for flawless transference and application of force when deadlifting.

Sumo Nuances

The toe box is wide which is particularly good for sumo pullers who “spread” the floor with their feet. Furthermore, the outsides of the shoe have been reinforced to facilitate application of force and “spreading” by the outside of the foot – this is an important distinction from deadlift socks where your feet can often slip or roll.


Without a doubt, SABO Deadlift is the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. If it wasn’t frowned upon, I would wear these everywhere at all times. I wish all my shoes, casual / professional / athletic, could fit like this one.


  • Because they’re so form fitting, it does take a long time to put them on and take them off
  • Now, I look too cool at the gym when I wear a matching red shirt

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