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Last month, I found out that Boss Barbell Club (BBBC) is located 10 minutes from my new house. For those of you who don’t know, BBBC is owned by Dan Green who holds several world records in powerlifting….so he’s kind of a big deal. I visited the gym last month when I first decided to break some records. I walked by Dan during my short tour and had a brief conversation with Sparkle. It was odd because up until now they had been distant internet-celebrities only existing on Youtube and Instagram, but there they were right in front of me: humans just like anyone else. This past weekend, I went to one of their free Animal-sponsored events.

They had a couple competitions: bodyweight bench for max reps, 1.5x bodyweight squat for max reps, and 2x bodyweight for max reps. Friday was my rest day, so I didn’t participate in any of the competitions (plus I probably would’ve injured myself going for max reps). I did try to gauge the competitors there and realized I stink at plate math when it’s kilos. The food was free. Animal t shirts were free. I didn’t grab any, but the whey protein and preworkouts were free. Free stuff is great and all, but my favorite part was connecting with the people there.


I spoke with two members of the gym also in their low twenties. It sounds like the gym is full of the perfect equipment and people if you’re looking to become a serious powerlifter. I’m definitely joining!

And finally, I got to speak 1:1 with Dan Green!  He’s a super humble and incredibly nice guy. I had just tried stiff bar deadlifting for the first time that week (yikes!), so we spoke about making the switch over to stiff bars and his advice there. Oh and the picture was a nice too.

We’re definitely in different weight classes, but I think his arms are literally the size of my head!

While I was there, I also registered for Boss of Norcal V, 59 kg Junior, Deadlift Single Lift: so now I have my second meet lined up too! I’m excited to be competing at Boss Barbell Club in November, and I’m even more excited to join Boss Barbell Club after my first meet in September! I can’t imagine what it’ll be like to train day in and day out in the same room as many record holders and elite powerlifters.

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