Adidas Adipower Shoe Review

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If you’ve been following the blog, then you know that I’m chasing some powerlifting records – if you’re new, now you know! Until recently, I squatted with 8-year-old Adidas Sambas. Once I decided to compete in USAPL, I realized 1. I wouldn’t be allowed to bench on my toes and 2. I would need some actual shoes for squat. I was going back and forth between the Adipowers and Romaleos, but last month I decided to invest in the Adipowers.

Support // Stability

The shoes are a heavy 3 lbs, so you feel rooted to the ground. The adjustable strap makes the shoe form fitting and ensures your feet don’t move an inch once planted.

High Bar, Narrow Stance Nuances

The .75 ” raised solid rubber heel enables flawless transference and application of force when high-bar squatting. Furthermore, the raised heel facilitates mobility with a narrow stance and makes it super easy to hit depth.

I’ve squatted low-bar with a wider stance in my early days. Back then I would go either barefoot or with flat converse shoes. It would leave my hip flexors wrecked. Once I switched over to high-bar with a narrower stance, my hip flexor pain went away. At some point I do want to try switching back as most lifters can put up more weight with low-bar, wider stance squatting. But for now, I’m training high-bar to close the gap between my squat and deadlift! The raised heel is especially important for high-bar squatters where the knees will be tracking forward and out more so than the knees of low-bar squatters.


Without a doubt, weightlifting shoes are not made for comfort. They have extremely hard, heavy soles. I would not recommend walking, running, or wearing these shoes for prolonged periods of time. In terms of fit, I have heard that these shoes run a little too tight for those with wide feet. My feet are normal width, and the shoes fit fine.

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