Voice Control Over Myfitnesspal (Wearable)

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16x Faster, Hands-free, Eyes-free Diet Tracking on wearables (Android Wear)

Today’s mobile app version of Myfitnesspal requires the user to open up the app, navigate the menu, type in the food, select the amount, confirm, and repeat for every item consumed. It’s a tedious, hassle that requires, on average, 47.26 seconds of undivided attention for each item. There’s a way to move this dietary tracking process one step closer to an effortless, hassle-free ideal: one that’s 16x faster than the current method, hands-free, and eyes-free!

  1. To setup the wearable version, you’ll first need the mobile version setup: Voice Control Over Myfitnesspal (Mobile)
  2. Download and install the Autowear App on your phone.
  3. Walk through the setup and most importantly setup the “Shake” event trigger for Google Assistant.
  4. Now any voice commands said to your wearable will also pass to Autovoice and Tasker on your phone! Verbally say “track 1.5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil” , or some variant, and your phone will automatically log the item and quantity in Myfitnesspal.


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