Hi, I’m Neil.

This website is a hodgepodge, just like me:

  • INFP who studied an odd combination of Applied Mathematics and Nutrition at college
  • With that odd academic combination, do some work with popular health and wellness technologies
  • Recent grad who just moved to Silicon Valley
  • Aiming to break powerlifting national records over the next 18 months.
  • Marketing consultant & certified actuary by day; psuedo-techie & powerlifter by night
  • Stargardt’s Juvenile Macular Degeneration trooper

I hope this site can empower some people to reclaim and even improve their well-being. The deep-seated, more fundamental reasons behind my own health and fitness behaviors stem from insecurities and formative (often adverse) experiences – I think this can often be true for others too.

I have scattered personal and professional interests, but my central focus is breaking down the barriers to peoples’ well-being. My belief is that universally accessible technology and universally accessible information can break down some of those barriers to people’s well-being.