Water Loading for 2 Hour Weigh-in

The magic really happens in those last 48 hours – see the graph below for a closer look. When I woke up the next day, I weighed exactly 133.6 lbs – I had lost 10 lbs of water weight overnight just from urinating and breathing. Homeostasis has a time lag,

Adidas Adipower Shoe Review

Until recently, I squatted with 8-year-old Adidas Sambas. Once I decided to compete in USAPL, I realized 1. I wouldn’t be allowed to bench on my toes and 2. I would need some actual shoes for squat. I was going back and forth between the Adipowers and Romaleos, but last month I decided to invest in the Adipowers.

SABO Deadlift Shoes Review

Until recently, I pulled sumo barefoot. Once I decided to compete, I realized I would need some actual shoes. I started off with a flat pair of converse which were alright, but last month I decided to invest in the SABO Deadlift shoes.

Road to Deadlift Record

Youtube and Instagram are full of videos showcasing the “what” –
lifters breaking records at meets – but few have shown the story of “how” and “why” the lifter set a record. I’m hoping to begin sharing the how/why story now.