My First Powerlifting Meet

Dehydrated, 9 lbs under my normal bodyweight, electrolyte concentrations way out of whack, sleep deprived, and terrified – that accurately characterizes my body and mind on meet day. I’ve done soccer tournaments, taekwondo compeitions, and track meets; none of those compare to this experience.

Voice Control Over Myfitnesspal (Mobile)

A 16x faster, eyes-free, hands-free way to track dietary consumption.
2.76 seconds to say “track 1 cup of bananas” to your phone vs. 47.26 seconds of undivided attention to touch the app, navigate to diary, touch “Add Food”, type “banana”, select “1 cup”, and touch “save”.

Road to Deadlift Record

Youtube and Instagram are full of videos showcasing the “what” –
lifters breaking records at meets – but few have shown the story of “how” and “why” the lifter set a record. I’m hoping to begin sharing the how/why story now.